Social Advertising

Drip Campaign

When I started at Apex Learning Virtual School (ALVS), they had a Facebook page and no other social presence. I wanted to engage and inform without being spammy. I designed this drip campaign to acquire customers through a lead nurturing. The campaign is designed to inform prospects over longer periods of time in order to nurture them through the marketing funnel. I used social ads and movies to highlight talking points about the online high school.

My goal was to make the high school and middle school relatable and to inform families. Results: 22% growth for fiscal year 2019.

Instagram social video post for full-time school

Graduate with us - apex learning virtual school
Instagram ad “with Us” Drip Campaign

Catch Up with Us

Advanced Placement Ad

Grace Wey - Eliete Swimmer
Student Quote
Raise Your GPA with ALVS
Full-time School Ads
Full-time School
Teasing out our new middle school courses on social channels

middle school is almost here
Middle school courses; almost here

Middle school, it's here!
Middle school. It’s here!

Homeschool with Us
Homeschool with Us
Homeschool with Us.

Get Ahead. Summer School with Us.
Ad for ALVS Middle School

Twitter & YouTube ad

Ad for new technology courses
Another ad in the technology course campaign
Summer School Campaign